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Thermopanes! replacment or new

Thermopanes waiting to be installed or picked up  Thermopane samples

The description of a thermopane is: two or more pieces of glass or other gazing material glued, sealed in parallel with a  parameter spacer holding the glass apart. The created space is usually contains dried air with an desiccant. Sometimes filled with Argon gas or other noble gas.

We haveThermopanes:

 Double and triple - with almost any type of glass
    Custom sizing and shapes
    Regular glass
    Pattern glass = where the surface of the glass rippled
    Safety glass = Tempered or Laminated
    Lt bronze or gray or dark gray color glass
    Curved glass

Low "E" or Solar cooled = a film or metal layer on the glass transparent to most visible light; but, reflective to most ultra-violet and/or infra-red light. This coating is on one or more surfaces of the glass. The types of regular Low "E" or RLE or RLE-DHT Low "E" all have slightly different colors. Also different dates of manufacture have slightly different color so Low "E" almost never matchs exactly.

Optionally you may pick up the thermopane
or bring in your sash for us to install the themopane into in our shop
or we can install at your site in greater DuPage Co., IL

Foggy thermopanes:

When the seal is broken on a thermopane the inside air space has a tendency to breath with heating and cooling of the unit. Thus breathing in humid outside air then condensation of the moisture on the inside of colder lite of glass into a droplet too big to get out. Consequently collecting water inside the unit causing water droplets to show or even water with the sun etching the glass in sunny windows causing a dirty to a very white appearance. The cheapest way of repairing foggy thermopanes is still to replace the sealed glass unit in the existing window sash. Drilling little holes in the unit to try clean the inside does not work since the water has etched/removed some of the glass surface.

(Vacuum thermos have been coming 'soon' since 1965. There is a problem with the vacuum sucking the glass together. So, the manufacturers put little pillars in the vacuum space to hold the glass apart. This makes it look like there is sand (little dots) evenly space inside the thermopane. Another problem is the inside and outside glass is at different temperatures and so expands and contracts at different times and rates. With the glass sealed at the edge this differing expansion movment causes glass breakage on medium and larger windows. These units might be obtainable at a very high cost and need special window sash not the common house sash.)

Note: if you are installing the thermopane yourself then, you must give us the size of the thermopane or confirm our measurement. As the Installer you are responsible for the size as in some cases, the same size thermopane will work for one installer and not for another.

The best first step is to call and ask 630-668-7234 or just bring it to 312 West Front St, Wheaton Il

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